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The industry’s only integral dry concrete color designed just for curbing. All color comes packaged in convenient 1 lb. bags so contractors no longer have messy measuring problems. CurbColors™ consists of the highest quality dry pigment, with 24 radiant colors to match most any variation of curb style. We are the industry's leading color provider!

Curb Colors Single Bags 1 lb. each The CurbColor Channel Pack contains 25 curbing colors, representing all 24 shades (2% and 4% of the 12 colors) along with one extra gray. Rawhide/Saddlesoap Color
Sequoia/Redwood Color Sedona/Arizona Color Bengal Brick Red/Tygar Tile Red Color
Sequoia/Redwood Color
Our Price: $92.60
Sedona/Arizona Color
Our Price: $92.60
Curbers Colorado/Terra Cotta Color Sabertooth Slate/Granite Color Sandstorm/Sandsquall Color
Khaki/Cinnamon Color Adobe/Aztec Color Bamboo/Peach Color
Khaki/Cinnamon Color
Our Price: $92.60
Adobe/Aztec Color
Our Price: $92.60
Bamboo/Peach Color
Our Price: $92.60
Sahara/Mojave Color Driftwood/Timberland Color Basic Combo Package- up to 1500 ft. of coverage
Sahara/Mojave Color
Our Price: $92.60
Deluxe Curb Package- 3000+ ft. of curb material