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This section was added as a courtesy to our customers new and old. This is used equipment that is offered from our customers only. Nothing in this section is offered from Tygar.

Each Lot of items being sold is separated by the area in which the equipment is available.

Please contact the numbers given in each section for more information on the equipment being sold.

Tygar is by no means liable for any negative outcomes. Including, but not limited to, misused equipment, false advertising, hidden damage, or any communications between you and the seller. We have performed fair due diligence with the seller. No warranties expressed or implied.

Pittsboro, IN
Pittsboro, IN
Our Price: $12,000.00
Asking $12,000 or Best offer

I am selling my complete package I bought from Tygar in 2009. I paid $24,000 for this set up and have added more pieces and raw materials that will also be included. Receipt is available if needed.

TG1000P Bengal Curb Machine 3HP with 3 molds, fullstrowel, 1/2 trowels, jointer tool, margin trowel, and drywall knife
9Cu Ft. Stone Mixer with Polydrum and 8hp engine
Sabertooth Sod Cutter V2
Pro Curb Trailer
Starter Stamp Package
6x4 Full trowel for all machines
Decorative (Mowers Edge) trowel
Angle Full trowel
6x4 half trowel
front 1/2 decorative trowel
front and back angle 1/2 trowels
marketing materials
walkway package with undercarriage, 8x4 plunger, handstamp and release tray
lighting package
driveway liner package
Mud Truck Motorized Wheel barrow

Please call Russel Crist at
Asking $12,000 or Best Offer

Kathleen, GA. Sean 478-442-8841
Kathleen, GA. Sean 478-442-8841
Our Price: $16,666.00

Small Business Opportunity

Looking to start your own small business. Here is all the equipment you need to start your cement curbing business.


19 ft 2 yard trailer with removable sides for loading pallets


9 cu ft mixer-metal barrel bottom

5.5 HP motor


Trencher 9hp

Curb machine:

Orbital Ram Gas curb machine


Color joint chart

Color chart brochure




Curbers Colorado

Saber tooth

Eight boxes of various colors for curb 1 lb bags


Slope 6”

SlipForm 6”

4x6 Rectangle


Front trowel

Back trowel

OVT slope trowel

Release agent:

Autumn brown 30lbs

Stone Gray 30lbs

Sand 30 lbs


Brick design

Slate brick


Basket weave

Light texture

Box top roller


Stone stamp system


Expansion Joint roller

Expansion joint cutter 6”

Expansion joint cutter square

Sean Lockerman

G&R LawnCare & Landscaping



*Will sale truck in picture with equipment for additional cost**